2017 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 7 pm, Saturday at 10 am and 2 pm.
Free. No registration necessary. Free coffee and donuts.

April 6 and 8: Growing Fruit in the North

From apples and rhubarb to new fruits like honeyberries, hardy apricots, and cherries, learn about the best fruits for our area. Get tips for proper planting, pruning and care.

April 13 and 15: Trees and Shrubs for your Yard

Choose hardy, dependable varieties for your yard and foundation plantings. Planting, care and design instructions will be included in the seminar.

April 20 and 22: Perennials & Hardy Roses

Learn about the best perennials for our area as well as the newest introductions. Learn how to make them thrive with a minimum of effort. Also learn the secrets to growing roses in this climate, including our favorite low-care varieties.

April 27 and 29: Growing Beautiful Annuals

Turn your yard into an explosion of color. A handful of simple ideas can make a big difference in the success of your garden. Learn about the newest annuals and our favorites.

July 15: Summer Rose Seminar

Take a tour of the rose gardens with Joe and learn about the best roses for this climate. Also learn about planting and care. Wait until spring to actually plant. 10:00 am only.